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I’ve created this website to spread the word around the world and to offer private 1:1 sessions with this very powerful but still very unknown sacrament.

So, what is Psilohuasca?

It’s just a word creation which is used to describe a combination of Psilocin containing mushrooms and a MAO inhibiting plant source.

It has no ancient tradition and could therefore be more called neo-shamanistic, but that’s not all true, since the active principle of it is surely the mushroom molecule- Psilocybin/Psilocin.

Maybe some of you out there don’t know much about “magic mushrooms”, so I am going to tell you a few important things.

Psilocin is the molecule which is the reason for the sacred powers of the mushroom. The Psilocybin is the phosphoryloxy version of Psilocin but in the stomach it’s being broken down to Psilocin. It’s just more stable and doesn’t break down as easily as Psilocin does (the blueing reaction of mushrooms).  So the magic comes from the Psilocin.

And this Psilocin is actually nothing else but DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) with an additional hydroxyl on the 4th ring (4-Hydroxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine). So you may want to call it “orally active DMT”, since you can simply eat the mushrooms and they will reveal their magic. No MAOi source needed (as with DMT).

What DMT actually is and why it can be seen as the spirit molecule, the transmitter between the spirit and the form, there is much information on the internet, just google a bit around, if you have no idea about it.

See below for a molecule comparison:

psilohuasca_serotonin_psilocin_dmt - image

So why then add an MAOi? If you want to feel the true power, the full spectrum of wisdom of the mushrooms and don’t want to eat large amounts of them then the addition of an MAOi is the key.

Also the Harmine/Harmaline (the MAOi compound) does alter the experience and makes it more clear and it gives you the strength and inner peace to go through this intense experience more openly.

Psilohuasca - bee shaman imageMushrooms are THE ancient spiritual source, our European ancestors have used the mushrooms for spiritual reasons for 1000s of years before the church ripped them out of the society.

The oldest religious cult was found to be a mushroom one, the painting on the right from the caves of the Tassili Plateau in Northern Algeria is dated around 5000 years B.C..

So why not use the mushrooms for all the reasons so many people take Ayahuasca for in our days? Yes, there are users of mushrooms, but very few of them take an amount of mushrooms where deep healing and spiritual wisdom is gained. In our society they are sadly much more seen as a party or recreational drug. That’s also the way the media treat them, since they are still illegal almost anywhere, although you can find them yourself in nature all over the world.

Due to a loophole in the latest “Drugsnota” (drug act) in the Netherlands, where mushroom fruit bodies are also forbidden, so called Smartshops are still allowed to sell sclerotia (called ‘Philosopher Stones’ or ‘Truffels’). This is not a fruit-body but still contains the active molecules, Psilocybin and Psilocin. That means using them is legal in the Netherlands.

Below is a picture of one huge fresh Psilocybe Mexicana sclerotia:

Psilohuasca - sclerotia image

With 3g of Peganum Harmala seeds as an MAOi source, which are also legal and very cheaply available, the full power of the Psilocin/Psilocybin containing material can be released. The Harmala seeds are a much better source of MAOi since no vine has to be cut down and much less material is needed to have the MAOi effects. No cooking down or extracting is needed, just swallowing of the seeds.

Please have a look at the Wikipedia entry for what an MAOi (Mono Amino Oxidase Inhibitor) is.

Peganum Harmala seeds are the most powerful source for Harmine/Harmaline (the MAOi molecules). It is also available without killing a plant for its harvest. Adding the fact that its price is extremely low, it is the best source to act as an MAOi component in the Psilohuasca.

The main differences between Ayahuasca and Psilohuasca are:

  • Psilohuasca is 3-4 hours longer active, lasting between 6-9hours until you’re “back to zero”.
  • The MAOi is taken 1 hour before the Psilocin, so you feel the tranquilizing and clearing effects of the Harmine/Harmaline before you take the mushrooms and this helps to reduce anxiety and nausea. Also the first effects of the Psilocin can start very soon, much sooner than with an Ayahuasca brew (which contains both- the MAOi and the DMT).
  • There is usually no purging with Psilohuasca, since you don’t have any awful cooked down plant material in your stomach. Sometimes vomiting may occur through overly intense fear. Overall the less the chance for vomiting, the more positive it is, since you are forced to let go and to give into the experience more deeply, there is no psychological effect from the vomiting on your fighting ego. Therefore its crucial to take the right dose (as advised by someone who knows the source and their effects), if one is travelling the first time in these spheres. Advanced users can benefit very much from Psilohuasca since they can let themselves fall totally into the experience and no nausea will hold them back. Also Psilocin is the more potent molecule compared to DMT, so less is needed to experience the full potential of it.

So why do I tell you all this?

Since I personally learned so much from the mushrooms from more than 20years of experience, especially from the combination with the Peganum seeds, I always had the urge to share this knowledge with other humans to provide them with the tool which nature, the source of all life, itself has given us to find our way back to being love, which is our true self and the power of transformation. To make this world a better place, to live life like it is meant to be.

The Psilocin has the same abilities as the DMT has, like I’ve already stated, they can be seen as similar. And seeing the continuously rising use of Ayahuasca all over the globe the past years makes it clear that the time has come for that change. And the mushrooms are longing to do their work for us humans like they are meant to be. We need to bring them back to our society, where they were extinguished long time ago.

So, I am very happy to now be able to invite you to a private 1:1 Session with Psilohuasca, look here for more details, what this is all about.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

With Love. Namaste,







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