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Thank you very much for showing interest to work with me as a caretaker for a Spiritual Session with either Psilohuasca or Bufo Alvarius Toad Secretion/5 MeO DMT. (NOT both together during one session) I have been doing group weekends with both sacraments for the past four years together with my friend Jeroen. For the past three years I  am also offering the private sessions with only one or two clients. With the guests on the weekends and the 1:1 and 1:2 session I have served around 500 clients with those very potent and transformative substances.

It has been shown that a private session where only the client and the professional caretaker is present can be a much deeper and highly beneficial approach to working with these substances. In such an intimate setting there is much more space to look behind the clients life story and what the reason is to do the session overall. With spiritual coaching present there is a much different overall experience possible, than what the typical ceremonial retreat delivers. There one gets typically served a lighter dose where the ego stays intact and the dual approach with “entities”, “spirits” and “plant teachers” keeps the mind in a safe bubble of an enhanced version of the self. Which surely needs more enhancement aka. “healing” -so one might end up seeking again a better self, instead of realizing that there is no such thing as the “self”. 

How does a 5MeO DMT/Toad session work?

At least one full day free of work is needed for a TOAD /5MeO DMT Session. The event will be conducted around the south of the Netherlands (all details about the place will be given only personally). This means the participant has to travel down here. There is a lovely and cheap hotel nearby, for the night before the session. He/She will be fully taken care of in a beautiful place which is close to nature. The meeting starts with a walk in the forest, exchange of the person’s life story, past experience with psychedelics (if at all), expectations and possible anxiety for the experience to come. There is no rush in this and it is a crucial part of the session to get to know each other and build trust to go together through the intense experience. This applies for both the Toad and the Psilohuasca session. Once back from the walk we will visit the Toads, who are used to humans and are not scared. It is even possible to touch or hold them if wished.

Then the Toad/5MeO DMT session starts with slowly getting used to the room where it takes place. Maybe you want to meditate before the experience or just come down a little from the 2 hr walk. The experience then starts once everything is prepared and ready. During the whole experience in an almost dark room and with -if wished- silent, meditative Brian Eno Ambient sound playing (or self chosen meditative soundtrack) the experimentor will be 100% watched by the very experienced caretaker and carefully helped if difficulties appear. If the first try doesn’t let the client reach the expected non- dual state, there will be a second try waiting. (this time with the more pure crystalline form, the pure 5MeO DMT) For an integration afterwards there is all the time which is needed. And a lovely healthy meal will close the day for the guest. It is always fresh made, served with a salad and vegetarian, but I love to cook vegan- if wished for. This half day retreat all in all takes overall 5-6 hours, but if more needed, we will have the time. A non stressed environment is my surpreme command.

And a Mushroom Experience?

Please understand that a Mushroom experience takes much more time around the session, so at least two full days must be free from any responsibilities (during the week or weekend). The Psilohuasca could be given in smaller dosages, but my advise would be a “full release” dose, so the client is able to travel beyond the limitation of the thinkng mind. However I am surely always following the client’s wishes and expectations. The dose will be fully transparent to the client and is relying on possible previous experiences, gender, body weight and age. The mushroom material which will be given can be precisely dosed due to a very high and stable Psilocybin content. The same time schedule/session procedure as for the TOAD session above also applies for the Psilohuasca session. However surely the overall time of the experience and also the time before and after the experience will be significantly longer. To do this experience during the night is crucial. So I am all yours if you’re interested to experience worlds most powerful and transformative Psychedelic/Sacrament: Psilohuasca – MAOi (Peganum Harmala) enhanced Psilocybe Mushrooms. I would be happy to serve you during the 24hrs duration of such a prviate session- just send me a message.

How can I attend?

Please get in contact via the contact form at the bottom of the site. All further questions, appointments and travel plans will be exchanged personally, that also includes the participation donation.

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I HAVE TO POINT OUT THAT I AM NOT A TEACHED PSYCHOTHERAPIST. The work as an experienced caretaker however is coming from long years of practice and experience with the sacraments and the states they evoke in humans. Feedback of my clients show that it’s much better to have learned from life and not from a book. But it is crucial that I get all the personal information I need when signing up for a session, so I can decide if a session is at all possible.