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Psilohuasca.com - About Olli imageMy Name is Oliver Martin, I’m 42 years old and I’ve been connected to the sacred and spiritual powers of the mushrooms for over 20 years now and they have always been a part of my life.

I don’t wanna bore you with details how I became what I am now, but just let me tell you that I wouldn’t be loving and serving unconditionally if the mushrooms wouldn’t have shown me that Love is our true nature.

In that one night 7 years ago when the Psilohuasca dose was finally too high for my thoughts, my mind, my so called EGO, to process anything any further I realized that I can let go of thinking, of having a body, of living in a world of duality. Since there is only one. When we get born into the form, which we inhibit an incarnations lifetime, we become two. And then we forget more and more that we are not departed from everything, not departed from other human beings and the worst part of the suffering begins. We try to be righteous, to be better, to be successful and so on. And all of it out of the one longing, to be loved. To be loved for what we are, unconditionally.

And that is the one thing an ego can’t do. Love unconditionally. Love, yes, but only under certain conditions. Unconditional love towards every human being, every living thing, everything there is. That is God. That is Buddha, that is Jesus, that is the energy, the light, the force, the one or LOVE. Our true nature.

And the mushrooms show you that place in yourself, where you are just love, just pure formless awareness and you then see your thoughts arising like clouds in the sky, like waves in an ocean. And with the mushrooms you begin to see that you have a choice in the whole game, that you don’t have to be the thought, that you are more like the sky behind everything and not the cloud.

There are many ‘spiritual teachers’ with such famous as Jesus and Buddha, but also more ones from our days. They shine even more if they themselves don’t get caught in the game of “being the teacher” and more playing this role than being it. I’ll share some Youtube links in the link section of some of the ones I found to be very helpful in reminding myself of being love.

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There are other spiritual paths to realize all this, like meditation, fasting or other religious techniques. But I personally found that for me first  the mushrooms have the potential to directly transport you there and second nothing of the others do it so lightly and with so much joy like the mushrooms :).

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of courage needed to go the mushroom path. And it’s also courage needed to send me a mail and request a session. But that’s how generous life is, you risk something, you go for the insecure path and you’re going to be rewarded, to stand in the light, to become the light. “The Universe is User friendly” and this is something the mushrooms show you.

It’s such a joy to just be with human beings without pinning them down to be anything, to have an idea about them, to see them like this or that or anything. Just be, together. With the joy of sharing the moment, like eternity.

And that’s what life is really about. To share. To finally let go of holding back the love, which just wants to burst out of us so desperately. Or to stop always watching to not give away too much and not to everyone, or asking a return for it.

When I do a session I meet with my client a good amount of time before we actually do anything together, since sharing brings us closer and so trust can be build. Becaue wen there is trust in me, there is trust in the sacrament , so they don’t have to break anything open, they directly begin working  on you. And you can make finally peace with yourself. And acknowledge the perfect beauty that you are, a living human being. With all the things that makes you who you are and not making a constant problem out of life, not trying to improve yourself anymore.

And when the session is over and the normal life comes back, you will now know that you’re are not alone. And then the love shines through you and things will never be the same anymore. A smile here, a thank you there. Or a hug and a kiss for someone from whom before we were waiting to receive one. When two humans meet it’s always the same, everyone’s waiting for the other one to make the first step.

Life is so precious, so wonderful and such a joy. In every moment when things get tight and you taking it serious, take a step back and just ask yourself: Why can’t I laugh right now?

I would love to meet you in the future to celebrate life, to celebrate you. The day will come when you’re corageous enough and then you take the step and write me.

I’ll be there, just send me a message.

With endless Love, Olli <3



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