Even though I meanwhile have done more than 600 sessions with almost as many clients not everyone is willing, has the time or the ability to write a Testimonial about the session with me.

The individual Testimonials show the date and what kind of session is described. The older inputs are from the four years of the Psilohuasca weekend retreats. And from 2015 on I have been doing the private individual sessions which I would now consider to be the best, safest and highest dosed sessions available out there.

I still am rarely asking for Testimonials, so the feedback given is mostly from those who felt like they needed to share what they experienced with me and surely through the psychedelic. All testimonials are from real people and absolutely posted as is, so they are not altered in any way. For anonymity reasons the names are shortened down to the initials.

To keep the huge content of words better manageable and since I do offer two different kind of psychedelic sessions, the Testimonial sections are divided into a Psilohuasca page and a 5MeO DMT / Toad page. Just click the link below to be guided to the preferred list of Testimonials. You can access totally unique Testimonials from german clients on the german version of the page- surely in german though.

Again I want to point out that I am not responsible for any of the content – it was all done by individual guests of my Psilohuasca and 5MeO DMT sessions.

Psilohuasca - testimonials image
This is Psilocybe Semperviva, a very rare and special Mexican Psilocybe species.