I can assure you- I am not paid by Lauretana for writing this. I just want to share some very important information about the most important thing when you’re in a human body: food number one, the source for life – the water you drink! 

You can read more information about the Lauretana alpine mineral water in this PDF file.

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The Lauretana water is untreated natural water with close to zero mineral content, so all waste from our system can be washed out with this pure water. Water is life, we are coming from the water and when dried out not much is left from us. Babys are born with an overall water ‘content’ of above 75%. Even old people are still 55% water. The earth is the blue planet, everything in form is water, H2O.

And since water is therefore our no.1 food, we have to choose it carefully, but actually we don’t… - Lauretana crates imageYou can even taste the energy it has to offer. It tastes so marvelous, doesn’t matter if cold or warm, it has a freshness and vitality you’ve never tasted.

I am drinking it the past 5 years, everyone in my family does. It’s not cheap, roughly 1 Euro per liter, but like I say, we are mostly water, water is our no.1 food. We love it. And everyone I’ve ever given it, loved it, too. Even if they wouldn’t buy it regularly.

I could go more into detail, but I guess that might just bore you. There is a lot info about water on the internet, also about Lauretana and Masaru Emoto who made the beautiful ice crystal pictures of the Lauretana water which you can see above.

All I have to say is, choose the water you drink wisely. For me the best is Lauretana 🙂

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