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For five years now I care for eight Bufo Alvarius toads, the Sonoran desert toad, one of the most amazing creatures on earth and the only animal offering a sacrament to us humans.

The toads were captive breed from within Europe and I raised them since there where 3cm babies. They are not harmed when being milked of their secretion from their glands. They are in no way injured or anything and have a gorgeous life in a very well sized vivarium, provided with all the comfort and lovely food they need.

I really won’t describe much about their magic /5MeO DMT here, since I would end in just copying the few very good sources out there. So I will name a few of them and you can read yourself into the whole magic behind the toads.

Just a few things I want to make clear, I want to assure you of:

  • The toads are really not harmed in ANY way.
  • The secretion is acting as venom for predators in nature, but the toad releases it very rarely only in intense danger. Still it contains (and only in this toad species) 5-MeO DMT, the most powerful and sacred sacrament on earth. The 5-Meo DMT does not have a function in serving as the poison. It’s only active on humans. The toxic components (not lethal toxic btw.) are burned when the secretion will be smoked. So only smoking can deliver the magic.
  • The secretion is not treated and therefore pure natural directly from the toad. Still it’s crystalline and shiny, looking very magical. But not processed in any way and therefore legal.
  • The whole myth about “licking the toad” with all the lies applied to it are just the typical media lies. No one would ever be addicted to licking them. Total nonsense.

About the amazing and sacred experience with vaporized 5MeO DMT and  smoked Toad secretion there are some reports  in the Testimonial section. Many participants  were gifted with one of the most “spiritual” experiences they ever had. 

This Erowid site is the best source for more info about it all, with many more links.

And then there is the website of James Oroc, who wrote a book about 5-MeO DMT which includes his experiences with the toad magic. It’s called “Tryptamine Palace”

And here is a link to a PDF of a scanned article from an 1994 issue of  the esquire magazine by Larry Gallagher. Beautiful and honest report!

Overall let me assure you that the 5MeO DMT is an amazing and very powerful sacrament. And a very rare one, too. (both the secretion and the crystalline synthetic) 

Since the Toads are living creatures and their health should go first, the Toad secretion is limited. So it has been shown that I would need to milk the toads more than I feel like doing so for their health. I also have witnessed numerous people wasting the Toad secretion since they insisted on smoking it, though they have difficulties to smoke even cigarettes. I extract/convert the 5MeO DMT from the HCL form into the smokeable crystalline freebase form myself and therefore I have 100% pure crystalline 5MeO DMT available. This can be VAPORIZED. Vaporization of only few mgs is VERY EASY and achieveable even for non- smokers. Both, toad secretion and crystalline 5MeO DMT freebase are delivering the same sacred experience.

Ask me via the contact form to sign up for a 1:1 / 1:2 session with this amazing psychedelic, this powerful sacrament. More information about the private sessions can be found on this page. - magic toad image

Both 5MeO DMT and Toad Secretion containing it are LEGAL in the Netherlands! We do not recommend the use of any mentioned substances, please read our sitewide disclaimer.