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So you clicked on the “Sessions” button and didn’t pick a session type…and found this “secret page”… 🙂

Welcome then! Let me briefly tell you how this page came together and why I now also offer sessions without psychedelics at all. Since I work very responsibly with psychedelic substances, due to my rather restrained and critical approach and since I also do only few sessions per month, I am unfortunately not able to offer everyone who is interested a psychedelic session.

However, many people who write me are often deeply moved by the words they find on these pages. It often happens that the podcast interviews or the words here already “opened their eyes” or rather their hearts. If a session with the psychedelics I offer is out of the question or even simply not wanted, but a conversation is useful, then there are now personal “spiritual coaching” sessions. What exactly that is, for whom it would be interesting and all the other details you read directly on the page.

Here are the quick links to the two session types that I offer:

Psilohuasca 5mxtls image

Above are solid 5MeO DMT Crystals, grown over 3days from within a Hexane/Pentane mix.