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Dear Guests of

This site is called “Group sessions”, because for four years this was the site where I presented the Psilohuasca Spiritual Awakening Weekends. At the peak my partner Jeroen and I stopped for very good reasons. Almost 500 people we served in these years and lots of joy and beauty was shared. But also Dosages where lowered and the focus on the non dual experience had to be given up for the safety of the group. Still too many people needed personal direct support, at least one or two, every weekend. Support which simply couldn’t be given with 14 guests being present. At least not with only two sober caretakers. When I initially had the wish to share my mushrooms and later the Magic of the Toads I care for, I wanted to really care and be there, for everyone. But this is simply not possible with a group. So since demand increased I have been doing a lot of private sessions, with both sacraments Psilohuasca and Toad Magic, Psilocin and 5MeO DMT. Through those very successful private session I realised, how beneficial a 1:1 / 1:2 situation is and how much it gives me the chance to deliver exactly what I dreamt of when I had the wish to give the magic further- to spread the Love. So it became more and more clear that I don’t want to step away from this intention and I need to stop the group sessions. In the private approaches there is only one sacrament present- the Psilohuasca/Psilocin&Harmaline or the Toad secretion/5MeO DMT. Not both substances together like on the group retreats, cause this often was leading into interactions between both- mostly to a negative effect. So in private approaches I am able to offer the maximum dose which I think is possible. Like I intended it to be. Cause only with a full dose they both have the ability to send a human being into non dual awareness, to bring them home. A huge part of this is the fact that maximum security can be achieved in a 1:1 (or 1:2) approach.

I would be happy to receive your mail and offer you my work with either sacrament.



danke-beschriftung-drehbuchDear Psilohuasca Family…

Thank you for four years of bliss, love and devotion to the one source with us and under our presence. Thank you for all your trust and efforts you have put in us.

All things must pass and so do the Psilohuasca group weekends. We say farewell, with Love in our hearts and all the beautiful memories of all of you.

There are a handful of important reasons which lead to this moment now. Its the lowering of the dosage over the years, the fact that we served too many seekers of the psychedelic rush (instead of final enlightenment), had always a third of the participants having intense struggles and the need for personal care(who would have benefitted from a 1:1 approach) and were simply not able to have the amount of psychotherapeutic talks/spiritual coaching present we would have loved to.

I will continue to work in 1:1/1:2 approaches (click HERE for more information on 1:1/1:2) 

If you are interrested in a private session, just write a message through the message page.