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Spiritual coaching

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Spiritual Coaching? So what’s that all about? 

Well, I googled it myself and found that it is more commonly called “Spiritual LIFE Coaching”, and usually it’s just the exact opposite of what I mean by that. Because there – as so often with the many spiritual approaches – of course, it’s all about working on the “self / mind / ego” in order to then improve it for the future. But the typical result is – it either overwhelms you because you’re not doing enough, or it leads to a new role – what I call the “spiritual ego”. 

In any case, from my own experience, it remains the “carrot” in front of the nose, which you will never reach. Quite simply, because the goal (the carrot) does not exist in the now, the present moment. This searched for perfect version of the self lies in the future, which is just an idea, just like the imaginary past. You do not need me to know that, for sure. That’s what every random “spiritual teacher” tells you.

So why am I doing this now?

Like I mentioned it in detail already on the “psychedelic sessions” page, I have a very alternative approach to psychedelic drugs and their use in the sessions I offer. As a result I am writing a lot of refusals to people asking for a session, for different reasons. These letters are not just “Sorry can’t do this, thank you, be well”- letters. Not at all- most of the time I sit quite a while on those answers, often up to an hour or even more including follow-up emails.

Simply because I do not want to offend the person and just might also want to reflect why it came to the decision. Often, the response to such letters is overwhelmingly understanding, and it ends in one or two more emails following this initial letter- since the person has so much benefit from this exchange. Often it would have been better to have a direct, personal conversation from the start.

Then other people write to me just to say thank you for what “was said” through me in podcasts or talks. The wisdom behind these words have “opened the heart” of those people, brought them into the now, some even had a moment of “awakening”. Not infrequently, such people then show appreciation with an “energy exchange” in form of a donation. In my psychedelic sessions, much of the experience is the shared time and what is reflected through me to the other person. Many of the testimonials tell how important this part of the session was, almost equal to the psychedelic experience.

The importance of integration and personal support in a psychedelic experience is crucial. And I keep getting letters from people who have been to a psychedelic retreat but can’t integrate the experience, because they have not received proper support from the people facilitating it. I surely also answer those people a detailed answer- which could have been even more effective and extensive in a personal conversation.

I am also asked more often in the past, if I could take the time for a personal conversation. Many have “understood” the truth that all is one by the mind and by following the one or the other “spiritual teacher,” quite a few end up in the loop of self-improvement. What is searched for is now no longer career, fame and wealth – it is ultimate spirituality- to be free of the mind. But it is the mind itself which created this new role of a spiritual self. How the mind then relates this new self to the individual history and how quickly this becomes a denial of being human – that is a central theme in what I mean by “spiritual coaching.” 

Coaching means that it’s not about me and my truth. Coaching for me means to reflect the best in the other – the source itself. And to uncover the layers on top of it. And that all is part of life, because one of the deepest attachments that so many people have is the idea that “the ego” is a problem. Listen inside you, what does the word Ego reflect in you? Gratitude? Respect? Love?

The way I have experienced it, my mind is my friend, my partner, for whom I am grateful to be able to have this experience as human being. And I have great respect for all the abilities it has. I am embracing my-self with love and understanding and I have compassion with my-self when I think about the shared his-story.

And how does a “spiritual coaching” session work?

I would like to continue to give my full support to everyone writing me, just like I have been doing it since I started this. But I am a just a normal guy living in the 21st century, who has a normal life with all the daily obligations. So it’s just fair when now the desire for an energy exchange arises. Because otherwise I am just burning out, when I all the time invest too much without also thinking for my-Olliness-self. Especially since a family is behind me- which needs me at full capacity and deserves my support first.

The feeling of doing this in the form of direct personal sessions in my home or just by skype videochat calling it “spiritual coaching” session just came up by itself, I did not plan this. Direct and personal means that this session adapts to the individual situation of the coachee and is not just another Spiritual-Life-Fix-Youtube video for a payment in form of clicking ads.

The energy exchange in the form of a donation is an exchange for the human effort being taken and is not for the actual “information” shared. Because that wisdom is in each one of us and all forms yet it is formless and can therefore never be outweighed by any kind of form.

It will be needed that we will have an email exchange first with the sharing of the individual situation, history and all details about what the “problem” seems to be. So in the actual time together we can more easily uncover together what the real root of the imaginary problem is. And how this problem has built up, what was the initial belief generating it and which further thoughts have fed and formed it.

It helped me a lot to understand my-self, my inner child. To have compassion and not pity generates true love and from this arises the realization that there is no guilt and no mistakes in life. Every-thing is right the way it is. Because this is like I am, full and complete, with all that is. This is what makes us human. The one experiences itself in the form of the many.

You can get in contact with me through the contact form below. I use a secure mail hoster, so no information is exposed to third parties. All further information and questions will be exchanged personally by mail.

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