Spiritual Teachers

R.I.P. Nick Sand. He left his body on April 24th 2017. I will always love him and never forget <3


Eckart Tolle

Psilohuasca.com - Eckart Tolle imageOne of the worlds most famous and successful spiritual teachers in our days. He was the first to got me thinking about my thinking ;). It was my beloved friend Jeroen’s tip to look for him.

At the same time Jeroen showed me the power of vaped DMT. And both opened a lot in me, 2 weeks before my life changing Psilohuasca session.

When I first saw one of his videos about the Ego (in german), I was overwhelmed, but not deeply touched, it was more that my scientist ego was jawdropping. I got into his teachings a LOT after my awakening from the dream of form through the Psilohuasca. And then I got trapped in being spiritual enlightened. I was vaping a lot of DMT and watching his videos (well sure not together :-)). I then realized that my life in midst of the thunderstorm of parenting wasn’t the right place to find stillness as Eckart over and over advised me. I mean he has a lot of money and no kids, no family, so what does he know how hard it is to raise kids. So finally I let go of my spiritual ego, let go of the DMT and turned back to old habits…

Below is just one very good link to part 1 of an interview with a rare insight into the private Eckart telling us about the time when he still was Ulrich Tolle. There are endless others, so dig yourself into it… Eckart is a lovely being and I finally found back to loving him, despite all the money he makes with these free teachings. But I know thats all ego.

Ram Dass

Jeroen put me on the map with another famous teacher then. Ram Dass, which was formerly Dr. Richard Alpert, who was doing LSD and Psilocybin research in the 60s for the Harvard university with Timothy Leary before getting fired for too much private use of it. His very first moment of realisation that there is consciousness behind all form came while having his first psychedelic experience, with Psilocybin.  Over the next years he then began a search to stay constantly high with a lot of LSD use. Which surely didn’t work.

When he finally met his guru Neem Karoli Baba, called Marahajji, a few years later in india he totally opened up and he found the LOVE he even couldn’t find with using the LSD.

Below are two pictures of both, left Marahajji, right Ram Dass.

Psilohuasca.com - Ram Dass image

Ram Dass tells in endless recorded lectures and books (starting with ‘Be here now’) about his story of awakening. And so honest and direct but also funny, that it opens the heart. He got lost in many, many roles and a lot of them I could find myself also being lost in, all due to my clinging to them. So he was helping, is helping me a lot with what is flowing out of him. All his “teachings” come down to two things, which was one of the many teachings Marahajji has given him.


I found those two to be the essence of living life ‘the right way’ and I am successfully living them, well most of the time :-).

Out of many beautiful lectures/videos on the tube I grab here one from the 80s. He’s so sweet, I love him so endlessly, let him enlighten your path, too. That’s my deepest advise. If I would be asked if I have a spiritual teacher, I’d proudly say it’s Maharajji and Ram Dass.

Here is an extra, an audio snippet where he tells us the story of “Love everyone and tell the truth”. So beautiful it still makes me cry like a little child. The snippet includes him reading a very deep spiritual poem by Thích Nhất Hạnh.

Arjuna Ardagh

Psilohuasca.com - Arjuna-mit-Hut imageI got to know about Arjuna when I saw the documentary film “Awake”.

He is such a wise and lovely being.  I bumped into him when the time for his words had come, he teached me different things than Ram Dass, exactly when I needed them.

He has great techniques to release old energy patterns. Maybe he can open something in you, too.

There are two great books/audio books (I prefer listening to his voice!) out, called “Leap before you look” and “Let yourself go”. Great teachings!

Below are two links- one is a collection of his ‘Awake’ appearance and the other a very personal interview with lots of info about his past, his guru and how he found that the most seductive role is the one being a spiritual teacher. And that it’s much better to act as a spiritual coach. Since coaching always centers about the coachee, not the coach.

Nicholas Sand

Psilohuasca.com - Nick Sand image Above is Nicholas ‘Nick’ Sand, a chemist.

Not actual a spiritual teacher, but so sweet, so wise and so very honest. He was the most successful and famous LSD chemist of the 60s, father of ‘orange sunshine’. He was the one who found that DMT is active when the freebase is vaporised. He was part of the community around Richard Alpert and Tim Leary and produced billions of dosages LSD over the decades till he got arrested and put to prison.

During the time in prison, he awoke from the dream due to the suffering he had to go through, he tells you this deep touching and spiritual story here. I really advise you to listen to that story.

Here is a collection of more ‘material’ about him on the DMT Nexus. Very special is also this interview.

Finally a beautiful speech he gave right after he was released from prison:

Andrew Weil

…whom you can see in the video below, talks about psychoactive plants and spiritual wisdom he gained from them. And how the LSD state helped him to let go of strong believes he was clinging to, like his allergy against cats. There are a few beautiful talks he has given and some very wise methods and theories he puts out.


Finally I wanna share a documentation, actually the BEST I’ve ever seen which totally brings EVERYTHING to the point.

Its beautifully made and has great visualization and music. And its even HD and with subs. PLEASE watch it, its so gorgeous.

That’s their site www.innerworldsmovie.com (you can download the files there, too)

If you love it you can donate some bucks for their work, but its not a must, its all given for free.