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This was my first ever psychedelic experience, so I was very nervous and really asking myself if I wanted to take the intense, high dose approach for my first time. But I couldn’t have done this without Olli. And I’m so so glad I did it. Olli works damn hard to create the mental and physical environment needed to have a truly deep and spiritual psychedelic experience. From the many emails before the experience addressing my questions and concerns, to the entire process when we met, to even helping me pick a beautiful place to have this ceremony. During the trip, I felt so much love and gratitude towards Olli for looking after me. We found the perfect dose together and he kept me safe when aspects of the trip became confronting. You can tell that this is Olli’s passion, there’s no salesmanship and everything is done with a deep respect and love. I had a deeply spiritual experience that I’ll never forget. The Psilohuasca recipe is powerful, yet gentle. I highly recommend Olli!
B.M. -Private Psilohuasca 1:1 July 2019
My dearest friend Olli. There are really no words to thank you for your absolutely amazing support over the weekend. It was surely an experience that I will NEVER forget. You made it perfect... and I am so glad I chose to meet you... it has put so much into perspective for me. I have been smiling all day.
S.H. -Private Psilohuasca 1:1 April 2019
In our search for lighter and loving states of being, we can often stumble upon many different methods and truths. Sometimes the accumulation and digestion of these truths can be overwhelming, and we are left with a long list of what we should and should not do. Oliver came with almost a hollow feeling, nothing specific to follow, no one else to be. He was there to service, protect, and make sure I was alright from the very beginning to the end. That gave me space to unfold into my true state of being and what I am going through in my own life as the experience journeyed. There is one idea that Oliver was constantly trying to bring back in the space which is love and compassion, that’s all there is, there is nothing more to do, and nowhere else to look. His heart is truly anchored in this feeling, which is warm and friendly yet strong and grounded. He takes his space, and does his thing in order to stay focused on the work, again, another reason to fall into your own space and rest in your being. Everything was super clear and informative. Oliver is generous in sharing knowledge of his trade, and welcomes any questions. There were many gifts here and there, like the necklace, the water, the gentle music, and a shared-folder of documents afterwards.. I highly recommend Oliver and his work. Truly, he is one of the most genuine and real people I’ve met. You can rest assured that he is worth the trust and much more. Whatever you are trying to do, feel, or understand, Oliver will make sure you experience it safely, with love and compassion, and the least amount of mental clutter. To you the reader of this text, to sweet Oliver, and to myself; Much respect to you and your journey. I wish you well, may we be love, in, out, and everywhere. May we sense the all-encompassing peace in our complete being and rest in its infinite beauty.
M.J. -Private Psilohuasca 1:1 Novmber 2018

I had a very beautiful Psilohuasca private session with Olli. Although I’m quite experienced with entheogens, the intense and deep experience the high dosed mushrooms offered me, was new to me. Olli is the right person if you are looking for the experience he has to offer. The loving and comforting atmosphere he creates makes it very easy to feel free and secure during the experience.

Since my psilohuasca experience it is much easier for me to ‘ground’ again in truth when I start to loose myself in thoughts or emotions. That’s because during my trip I had the experience of being a loving, living and conscious presence without any boundary. This is the space I now have to ‘ground’ myself if necessary. Because I remember that state.

Besides that I also re-lived some personal situations, but now I was able to see them without guild or other stuff I, until then, had projected onto them. So for me it was a beautiful trip, exactly what I needed.

A. -Private Psilohuasca 1:1, Dec.2017
After my 50th birthday, I deeply desired to remember and experience who and what I truly am on a soul level. Working with Olli in a private session resulted in the most exquisite spiritual experience of my entire life. I can confidently state this with more than 30 years of experience with altered states both in private and professional settings. Olli is an outstanding expression of unconditional love in action. However, for my private session, I did not ask his support as a spiritual advisor. I asked Olli to be my spiritual bodyguard. Here is the reason why: dissolving into cosmic consciousness requires to temporarily let go of your mind. My biggest concern was my absolute safety during the experience. Otherwise, I would not be able to surrender completely. Long story short, Olli delivered 100%. I felt totally safe and secure with Olli at all times. Olli is living and loving reassurance. He was always by my side, and holding my hand when I needed it. Today, I would entrust my life to Olli without hesitation. Why? Because where others just talk the talk, Olli walks the walk. I am writing this testimonial several weeks after the experience and see more positive results in my daily life than I ever thought possible. After this overwhelmingly deep, loving and reassuring experience, I am able to open up to love and life in wonderfully new ways previously not actionable. Life is the miracle again it used to be when I was a child. Words can not express this adequately, only tears of gratitude can.
RST -Entrepreneur, Facilitator - (Private 1:2 session February 2017)

The Psilohuasca session was challenging for both me and my wife, but thanks to the loving and caring energy from Oliver it became a beautiful life changing experience. We instantly felt we were in good hands. Oliver is patient, compassionate and funny. He gave love when needed and made us laugh when we got too caught up in our ego´s seriousness.

After the session I´m able to receive the love I've been denying myself to protect me from being hurt. And by doing that I can also love others fully and unconditionally – even my parents that I've not even been able to speak to for a while. My wife has been suffering from anxiety for most of her life has been free from anxiety ever since the session. Before she had to take Xanax or sleeping pills at least a couple of times per week, and now it´s not needed anymore. It´s not possible to even begin to explain how or why, but does it really matter?

S & E (February 2017, Private 1:2 session)
Looking back at this fantastic weekend, I feel nothing but gratitude. The beauty, magic and sheer holiness of the event is still shining on everything I feel and do and I expect that will be the case for many days to come. Soon I will again be with you, this time with my wife. I am sure that this will give our relationship even more depth. Thank you so much for awakening the gods in us!
R.B. (weekend November 2016)
This was my very 1st experience with psychodelics and I didn’t feel confident about my body reactions or how I might feel myself after that. Still both DMT and the beautiful Mushrooms ceremonies went extremely vividly, very exciting, with full loss of any kind of my “ego” for that very moment and followed by expanding my mind to the extent I couldn’t ever imagine or apprehend. I have managed to see and become the very precious and valuable parts of me and together with that to overcome a fear which seemed insurmountable to me. Both DMT and Mushrooms experiences have done their job – I have become many-fold closer to my nature, who I really AM, to the person I have been seeking for for about approximately 16 years already… The two guiders Olli and Jeroen – were the most caring PARENTS to all of us at that precious moments. Their professionalism, cares and responsible approach made me feel home, comfortable and loved. This is one of the MOST PRECIOUS and PRICELESS experiences I have ever went through in my life. By no means I will repeat it soon again at the same place with Olli and Jeroen and hope that each time the weekends will bring me more and more to the place in myslef which is called home and it’ll make me happier in my life… L.Sh. (Weekend 22).
L.S. (Weekend June 2016)
It is hard to describe how powerful & beautiful the weekend was. The sacraments were very effective, Ollie is very experienced with dosing, you’re in extremely safe and talented hands. Ollie and Jeroen are the perfect pair, their energies compliment each other so well. Ollie radiates energy & love and Jeroen radiates peace & serenity. The setting, the music, the smells, the food, the laughs, the tears, the nature… There are no words. We met as strangers and departed as family. Trust, open your heart and let go. Love & light.
N.Y. (Weekend March 2016)

It’s easier to say than done, having no expectations about a weekend stacked up with ‘strangers’ in a 16th century castle somewhere in the South of the Netherlands. The thing with expectations is that you can get disappointed if the experience doesn’t live up to what you thought or hoped it would be. But hey, there is also a different way things can turn out. All ingredients of the weekend summed up to so much more than I thought imaginable. The lovely people who I can whole-heartedly call my friends, the beautiful environment which enacted a smile upon my face the instant I arrived, the calm and contemplative warmth of Jeroen and the energetic spirit of Olli. Oh and the food…yummy yummy!

In one weekend, I adventured the depths and broads of my human and spiritual spectrum. I laughed, cried, touched, smelled, listened, talked, hoped, gave up, fought and surrendered. And the most beautiful thing of it all is I have received the means to go back to that place anytime I need or feel like it. Friends, alleys, teachers, spirits: thank you. See you around. Ciao!

S.W., Weekend February 2016
I laid back, closed my eyes and travelled across the stars, through multi-dimensions of time and space, within my own body and mind. I came to this experience with questions but without any expectation that they would be answered, Psilohuasca gave me the most important lessons and answers to many of questions I had. My journey was very peaceful and I’m extremely thankful to Olli and Jeroen for creating a safe, trusting, serene and informative environment in which to learn. It was like being cared for by the most loving father and mother(or 2 fathers :D). The music selection was fantastic and very helpful in certain phases of the process. After a few weeks I can already feel how certain things I learned have assimilated and have also begun to notice small changes in my own person. The weekend was definitely an experience of a lifetime.
J., Weekend November 2015

In the pursuit of my spiritual journey, I travelled far and high. I went to the jungle to do ayahuasca, I climbed some sacred mountains, I read loads of difficult books, I studied and I analysed everything to find the meaning of life. My life has come to a halt as I was trying to figure out life. But with all that I have done, I didn’t find peace nor joy. I become so serious, so bitter and cynical.

As I was reading William Blake’s Marriage of Heaven and Hell, I got a strong feeling that Blake was in fact writing about magic mushroom experiences. I was so curious about the mushroom, I googled and found a psilohuasca retreat in Amsterdam. I don’t really know why, but I always believe I have to go whenever my soul takes me. So right away, I knew this is where I have to be.

The psilohuasca weekend is probably one of the best things that has happened to me. The toad gently soothed my soul, helped me purged the traumatised energies that had been stuck in my heart for so long. The psilohuasca was deep, intensely powerful yet gentle at the same time. Words are not very useful in describing a realm where there’re no words but just symbols. To keep it short, my biggest learning is there is no absolute right and wrong. Things are just the way they are. But we can choose where we put our focus and energies on. They are like food for our ‘mind machine’. What food do we want to feed our body, mind and soul?

I didn’t see God, I didn’t get enlightened, I didn’t change into a magical being after the psilohuasca. I am still the same old me, full of flaws, a bit neurotic, but mushroom has taught me to breath, to stay calm amid the biggest chaos, be ok with who I am and most important of all – to trust life. The most sacred journey is not the mind altering journey but the journey of living life itself. This weekend has brought joy and love back to my life.

And most important of all, we are all well looked after by the most generous and sweetest souls, Olli and Jeroen, they work so hard to make sure we make the most out of the weekend. The food, the music, the lighting, the house, the whole experiences are so surreal, you can’t find anything as cool & sweet as the psilohuasca weekend.

And now I am going back to the real work – living my life fully again!

J.A. (September 2015) — J. travelled almost 10.000 km around the globe to come to us. —

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, Thank you very much for your sharing. For me was it the most beautiful experience. I feel like real awakening to the New Shift of our consciousness and of Mother Earth. And I feel really like a warrior of the New Time for the Peace on Earth…with a huge smile in my Heart and on my face…and if you here the calling Voice: “HULA…” (you can remind it with the peaceful warrior) I was looking today how can I help and serve other to help them also to awake. But I realized, there is nothing to do, right now. Just to be yourself and stay in your Love…and see all People as you and love everybody, because everybody is you and you are God and God is LOVE.

Big hugs and endless love to all of you, I feel really humble and grateful to Olli and Jeroen, Thank you, thank you, thank you…

R.H. (September 2015)
I am going to call it the magical Toad/Shroom experience. This potent combination of profound, heart-opening, mind-expanding, life-changing psychedelics. Under the loving-kind care of Olli. Words cannot describe this phenomenal journey. It has to be lived, breathed, flowed, witnessed. It’s the natural unfolding of beautiful You.
S.S. -psychologist (private Psilohuasca & Toad session, September 2015)
I thank Olli and Jeroen so much for the wonderful weekend and for the nice and comfortable atmosphere they had created for all of us. The lovely food, the nice water and the house – it just all fitted perfectly. I felt like home and meeting all those wonderful people, to hear their stories and their experiences of the trips was so valuable to me and I learned so many things there. There was some struggling in my journey but I was really happy to have Olli and Jeroen being there for me and helping me through the tough parts. Thanks again for that guys! I think I’ll still need some time to digest the experience but I’m definitely coming back for another weekend 😉
S.Y. (August 2015)
Olli and Jeroen and their powerful Psilohuasca provide one of the most profound spiritual/therapeutic experiences available.
M. Ö. -licensed psychologist (August 2015)

So after finding a lot of enthusiasm in the psycho spiritual community on the internet about psilocybin and 5-meo, I decided to discover what the hype is all about. I needed a provider in Europe, since I live in Italy. And I found the one and only I liked the original approach and decided to take the leap with my fiancée but since I was so impatient I decided for a 1 on 2 private ceremony. The pressure was high, both me and my fiancée are successful entrepreneur and we can’t afford to damage ourselves at this point but the desire for a spiritual awakening was higher.

Olli is a wonderful person, caring and encouraging so all is well and the toad experience went like a charm, intense joy and happiness like never before. The day after came the biggest moment, I was relaxed since the positive outcome of the toad, but psilo is indeed another beast.

After 2 hours of the ingestion we woke up with severe amnesia and strong hallucination in which we thought we were dead, me and my GF were walking around trying to make sense, hopefully Olli was there and he succeeded in assuring and remembering my fiancée what we have done and that there’s nothing to worry about, we needed just to go back to lie down.I was definitely in an extreme paranoid state, thinking this setup was meant to take my soul so I kept trying to escape from the house to ask for help.

Then finally I recuperated some of my memory, listened to my fiancée, laid on bed, closed my eyes and surrendered. Man after that I have assisted at the biggest show ever, I was literally destructed, felt the death of my physical body, shown that it doesn’t matter, it’s not the end, it’s another beginning, shown how big is the universe and how small I ‘am, felt hopeless and humble for a while, Then I met god and felt invincible, asked for the meaning of my life and what I’m all about. The visuals were so beautiful the answers to my questions were symbolic but straight, sensation were ecstatic and blissful (at the end) and the music of Olli was orchestrating all my visions in a perfect timing. I still listen to his music and remember clearly the images and the messages I have received from the mushrooms. The day after we ate a lot of ice cream and chocolates, walked around a lake close by, and we were blessed and happy for our experience. Olli will be in our heart forever and we’ll always remember that if he hadn’t hide the key of the house from me, there would be no magic right now.

So to everyone- this experience will be the most intense and significant of your life, you can’t miss. And if you can, go for the private session, you’re in safe hands. God bless you all!

A.G. (private mushroom and toad session, May 2015)
This weekend led me to a profound and deep respect for myself. I now truly understand who I am, And have a clear view of a way to be in this world. Thank you Ollie and Jerome. My brothers. Love, Light and Bliss to you both. You held the space in the spirit of the ancestors. Every detail of the weekend was a conscious act of your creation with an intention of pure love. Deep gratitude to you both. Love is the law, love under will. Much love!
B.F. (June 2015)

Overall I found the weekend really wonderful and amazing. Oli and Jeroen are beautiful souls that really take care of you. They create a perfect environment where it’s really safe and trusted to go deep with the medicine. The medicines are really powerful, they take you to your original state of no-mind and that can be scary sometime. But in the end you’re in perfectly safe hands. The experiences were overwhelmingly beautiful for me. After you return from your original no-mind state the whole of your Earthly life becomes so much more into perspective. I’m grateful to have attended the weekend and I will definitely return.

The toad is a beautiful medicine. I experienced it one time before and that was amazing. This time is was again an amazing journey. The toad takes you fast and deep to your original state of no-mind. It opened me up to the greatness that I am. It was also a perfect start for the weekend so everybody could see each others process.

I also had some experience with the mushroom but not one that was so deep and powerful as the one I experienced in this weekend. The mushrooms really take you very deep for a very long time. Where the toad is very short the mushrooms last for hours. This gave me the time to really sink into the experience. It was both daunting and beautiful. The safe environment Oli and Jeroen create really ensured that everybody can have is own process and return safely.

S.D. (June 2015)

Our perception of reality is governed by the limited ranges of our five (or possibly six?) senses. Essentially these ranges act as filters to maintain an ordered sense of reality. What actually exists beyond our filters is infinite and chaotic, so that what we experience is a microcosm: but also necessary I believe for the sake of our continued sanity. For instance, radio waves surround us constantly but we cannot perceive them, except through the use of a radio receiver, and if we could it would be almost impossible to ignore them and their constant background chatter.

Beyond this there are dimensions above the three dimensions that we are capable of experiencing. The dynamics and machinations of a three dimensional world are completely unimaginable to something which exists in only two dimensions (such as lines on a piece of paper). Similarly a four dimensional world is entirely unimaginable to us inhabiting our three dimensions. Current quantum understanding states that there may be as many as ten spacetime dimensions (in superstring theory), which originates from a more fundamental eleven-dimensional theory (M-theory), but again this is the limit of our current understanding.

It is my belief that psychedelic substances enable us (for a limited time) to extend the limits of these ranges, and thus the filters, by which our senses perceive reality. Allowing us to experience more of what is actually out there, and perhaps in some cases (e.g. DMT) allowing us to perceive other dimensions way beyond our usual language, numeric and pictorial based way of comprehending things.

These are exciting times because we are (re)discovering a portal to an advanced consciousness that I believe will be the redemption of humanity as a whole. It is no coincidence that this is happening now at the dawning of ‘the age of aquarius’. I believe that those who seek to explore this advanced consciousness will lead the way to a more evolved species of human that is capable of a greater understanding of what is actually possible and of transcending to higher dimensions. The emergence of Indigo and Crystal children, widely reported to have two more active strands of DNA, are IMHO proof that we are on the verge of a new age of expanded human consciousness. It is pioneers like us ‘Psilohuascanauts’ (or ‘Psilohuascateers’ if you prefer) that will lead the way forward to a more compassionate, forgiving and loving future. The ‘golden age’ is almost upon us brothers and sisters and we are the vanguard at the forefront of a new and very exciting frontier.

Olli and Jeroen are pointing the way for us at the moment and the work they are doing is beyond comparison. These retreats are essential to understanding and achieving this higher consciousness. I heartily recommend them.

R.S. (March 2015)
Thank you for a colourful, profound spiritual experience amongst interesting strangers who became firm friends and family within two wonderful days, while being expertly cared for by Oli and Jeroen. Yes, of course I shall come again…
S.B. (April 2015)

As a disclaimer I must say: this 8-12 hour experience is actually so far beyond description, so far beyond the reach of any word, any concept, any idea, that the mind cannot even imagine it. It can only be lived through. Yet, for the record, for inner processing, and for the sake of sharing, I will nonetheless write down some impressions, some memories.

This has been the most intense, overwhelming and astonishing experience in my life, to which Ayahuasca, Peyote and LSD do not even come close, let alone MDMA. It was simultaneously the most ecstatic as the most painful (not physically, but emotionally) night in my life.

Within a single moment, laughing and crying flow back and forth, morph, until all possible feelings are felt at one and the same time, in all rawness, power, depth and fierceness – unconditionally, fully, completely, through bone and morrow, with spontaneous and uncensored expression through the entire body (all muscles, tendons, joints, the face, the voice, the breath).

Laughing so uncontrollably and freely that I shake and tremble, and a symphony of giggles leaves my mouth. There is also such relieving instinctive honesty and sincerity about and insights in my-body-and-mind-and-behaviour, the bad-and-the-good, with so much care, gentleness and love.

Crying, even without tears, for my own suffering, and the suffering of friends and family, and in the world, so openly that my heart seems to im- and explode a thousand times, so engulfing that for hours a lamenting ‘oh nooo, noooo, nooooo’ almost involuntarily accompanies my exhalations. Especially when the effects began to fade, and I could not understand how ‘’I’’, from that extremely expanded state of consciousness, would ever be able to get back to that body, that personality, that mind, those life conditions. It seemed impossible, a tragedy, traumatic, mourning, an incomparable and unbearable loss. Humility. Awe. Grace.

Because ‘’I’’ as M – a body with mind in space-and-time – dissolved into pure energy, pure consciousness. There was no reference even feasible – neither to a solid or stable (perceivable) outside world, nor to any image or thought inside. There was no anchoring point available, because time, both the concept and as a sense of continuity, linearity, history-and-future, dis-appeared. Everything was happening ‘’constantly simulatenously’’, and in loops. Short-term memory was not functioning, therefore I kept asking, over and over again, truly surprised, to nobody in particular, but flabbergasted and bewildered: ‘What…?’ ‘Is this real?’ I tried to check, but there was nothing suitable with which to verify, neither yes nor no. There was nothing left to locate a ‘me’ or ‘mine’, or to contrast now-from-then, or here-from-there. Every few ‘seconds’ I was flooded with this startling disbelief and genuine disorientation: ‘ ‘What is going on?’ ‘Is this really happening?’ ‘Oh my God/Goodness’.

‘I’ was in, or am actually, a dimension (i.e. a level of awareness, or source) that is more priomordial, more encompassing, mysterious, absolute, undeniable and undefinable than birth and death, than life or death, where all dualities fall apart. Beyond transcendental. And not just intellectually, not just ‘spiritually’, but as an all-consuming living experience and reality that shatters, melts and dis-integrates your ordinary identity, self-image and his/her-story. But so piercingly and pervasively that it it hurts-in-the-heart like no sensory pain can ever hurt, yet it liberates so totally that you are laughing without reason, just for seeing-being the truth, and how insanely simple it is. Yet, no emotion, no feeling, not even all emotions, all feelings at the same time, can contain that, can express it – the intensity, the wholeness, the energetic discharges throughout the nervous system.

The senses were so impermanent, so fluid, whirling, a flux, that if I looked at people or objects, they appeared ghost-like, flickering in-and-out-of-existence, as well as transforming themselves continously, showing a multitude of perspectives, of shapes, of scenario’s. It was almost impossible to differentiate between self-and-other, that ‘barrier’ became semipermeable. I did not know any longer, nor even how I could know, what was real, or a dream, or what ‘me’ means.

In 12 hours, more than enough experience for a lifetime. After this, what’s left to chase, or achieve? There’s nothing that can be deeper or higher or greater or further, or even need to be…

During the trip, when a thought came up of family and friends, especially those who are sick or in difficulty, I felt a great urge and desire for them to experience this too, to discover this, because its the experience of a lifetime, more mysterious, more intense, more encompassing than life, death, relationships, sex, illness etc., because all distincions disappear, time and space and the body.

M.H. (January 2015)
I’ve been to several ceremonies with teacher plants, however the one conducted by Olli was extraordinary and will stand out on a horizon of my memory for a long time due to his Love, unconditional care and knowledge he passed freely to all. Never before felt I so close with other participants. Thanks.
– T. (January 2014)
I am grateful to the Universe that I had the opportunity to meet and get to know such great people like Olli and all members of our group. I spent a wonderful weekend full of unconditionally love and understanding. Oli took care of us with great cordiality and approached us with great love. From the first moment I felt that I am at the right place, that I am at home, that I’m safe. It is hard to describe in words, but I understood that everything in my life is going right. I understood that everything is fine, no matter what is going on. I understood that everything has a purpose and everything fits together. Suddenly there is no reason to worry, there is no reason to fear, there is no reason to resist. I learned that some things cannot be seen with our eyes, understand with our brain, express with our words, but they can be seen, understood and expressed only with our heart. I felt great relief, pure love and joy. I realized that there is no reason to rush or force things to happen, but that everything comes on its own and at the right time. All we have to do is to open our hearts. Thank you, thank you a thousand times.
– M. H. (January 2014)

The combination location, people, care from Jeroen and Olli including food and Lauretana galore, all was simply superb!

I am not a newbie to Psilohuasca, yet this ceremony was quite special. It was a very internal process, deep enough to comprehend a lot of intricacies how my ego and soul function yet absolutely conscious. Considering how much struggle a few other participants had during the ceremony night, my night was a piece of cake. It was so very beautiful too!

Two weeks on, and I am still high on the power that I started to feel after the ceremony. It feels like, things come at you in life, difficult situations, people, you deal with them but because you feel this power inside nothing ever can affect you. It’s really a great feeling because you hurt less, you just take things in life as they come to you. You deal with everyday stuff the best way you can and you let go of it. No longer need to hold onto anything.

I would recommend a Psilohuasca weekend to anyone whom are brave enough to step outside of their comfort zone and experience the magic of the sacraments. Also, let us not forget about the opportunity to meet wonderful people and learn something new!

– C. W. (January 2014)

Towards the end of last year, via several synchronistic events, I have found one of Olli’s podcasts and not long after that I got in touch and booked my place for March Psilohuasca weekend. It wasn’t too much of a conscious decision, more like something has been guiding me towards this. After few confusing experiences almost two years ago, a fear and sadness and mental clouds have been building up in me gradually. Even after I have already paid a deposit, there were thoughts of cancelling, giving up, maybe some other time… But that something has kept dragging me, it made me embark sleep deprived on an uncomfortable 12 hours journey across half of Europe on busses and trains and finally I have arrived and met Olli.

The bells from the nearby church were still ringing in my ears when we first hugged, and I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Slowly over the next hours I was meeting the others, fellow travelers. Each one such a radiating presence, the whole group was an absolute delight to be part of. It helped me to ease a bit, but the fear was still strong and my mind chatting and rolling in my head. I didn’t participate in the toad magic the first evening, but just being present in the space where everyone was having such a strong transformative experiences, was extraordinary. Jeroen and Olli were always on the top of things, looking after each of us, preparing delicious food, securing the space, sharing love, holding hands.

The ego was still fighting hard the next day, but the defenses that cracked the day before finally gave in and lots of emotions poured out. It was liberating, refreshing, humbling. After great walk in the rain we slowly gathered for the evening journey. Each of us in their own worlds, but also very much together, connected. After we consumed the Peganum, I thought we will just sit and wait for an hour, but I was really nicely surprised by the effects of this cute looking seed. Warm and calming waves were washing over me and by the amused looks on the faces of others, I wasn’t alone. Finally, when the mushrooms entered the picture, I was ready, calm, meditative and without as many expectations as possible. And it was just perfect as I have received exactly what I needed. There were tears and laughs and dancing, but most of all there were insights. Like my mental glasses were cleaned and I could finally in quite some time see, what those previous two years were all about. It is now three weeks since and the clarity is still there and I am moving on with full power.

This is an extraordinary medicine, prepared with love, honesty and attention. The work Jeroen and Olli are doing, from picking a great venue to setting up a safe space and support, enable us to do our own work freely and without constrains. And for that I am forever grateful. Thank you, guys, I will be coming for more once again. Love.

– V. S. (March 2014)

The Psilohuasca weekend felt like coming home. Olli and Jeroen offered us such a great gift—the opportunity to meet others consciously (and bravely) following their paths, to bring psychedelic insights to the next level and a weekend filled with unconditional, all encompassing love.

Despite my fears, I decided to try the toad and it catapulted me into a state of blissful surrender. I entered a multidimensional, vibrantly colorful place of no sound and no ego—the nurturing Cosmic Womb that birthed me. By revisiting this place I felt reborn, delighted and cherished by the Universe. There was only one message, and it would replay itself throughout the weekend: all is love. You can never be separate from it. You don’t need to look for it. You can’t lose it. You ARE it!

The Psilohusca experience was heavier, deeper, more intense than I’ve experienced, giving me –or I want to say gifting me—with insight into myself, humanity and the nature of love. My ego was still present this time, but I saw it more as a friend accompanying me as I write the story of my life, which I’ve come to see as a immensely creative, jaw-droppingly beautiful process. This felt like an ayahuasca experience but so much stronger and longer. It will take a great deal of time to process and integrate everything for I felt like I was downloading information on a cellular level.

Olli and Jeroen are fantastic, loving men who looked after us so well and have inspired greater love in me. To dare to express it. They are giving back, helping to create greater unity. Thank you so much, thank you to the beautiful group I shared this experience with and I look forward to the next time!

– D. C. (March 2014)
Right from the first email I received from Olli and Jeroen I felt I was in safe hands, which was most important for me. It was clear that the medicines were going to be handled with respect and that the retreat was for people looking for spiritual growth rather than just a wild weekend. Both Jeroen and Olli were sober the whole time and looked after our every need. I felt so cared for, so loved, and not just by these two beautiful men but by the other participants too. The toad was gentle and divine. It was my first ever experience with mushrooms and the trip was mostly good. When it got a bit rough I was cared for well and made to feel safe. The food was fabulous and very healthy too. The beds were comfortable, the house lovely and we enjoyed a nice country stroll together even though it was raining. It was a really beautiful weekend and I hope to attend more Psilohuasca retreats in the future as I feel there has been a major and positive shift in energy. I feel so loving and light. There has been a healing, and I am grateful to Olli and Jeroen (and the toads and mushroom) for that!
– M.(March 2014)

It is always hard to know where to start. I could talk about the circumstances first. This was my second ceremony, so I was better prepared for it, or so I thought. But it still was overwhelming in its beauty and its teaching for me. It seemed like a benign force took me by the hand and led my further on my path for spiritual development than ever before.

I had a chat with my subconscious – which has a good sense of humour, as I found out. The love, companionship of everyone, the strength and immense knowledge of my sisters and brothers in mind engulfed me and showed me that the notion of being alone in this world is nothing but a notion indeed.

One of the most amazing things that happened was the visit by a huge dragonfly which embraced me and looked me right in the eyes. I believe that this is the animal spirit which guides me to the realm of nature, a soul animal. It told me to reach out more to others and my own creative side and strength and show trust and loving, no matter how hard it is. I saw past pain and complexes like cliffs crumbling under a tremendous force.

As was the case the last time my companions and especially our lovely shaman were with me and everyone else; it was the perfect balance of introspection, thought and learning as well as comradeship and love for everyone around us.

– C. F. (October 2013)

Olli is an exceptionally wise, loving, and generous person. He cared for every one of us unconditionally and without reserve.

It was not a typical ceremony where there was a panel of shamans and the participants. That hierarchy we happily managed to escape so maybe for those reasons it felt so right to be together because we were equal.

We came to this retreat to experience the healing magic of mushrooms, share our lives’ challenges, look at ourselves from a much more expanded universal perspective and live through our karmic drama. We came here as complete strangers and were leaving as one big family.

– C.W. (July 2013)